So there is one very big TV show in my hometown. Name of show in English would be translated something like “Top Of The Rocks.” It is only for most big, big famous rock stars playing their songs at very high volume for all the less intelligent people jumping like monkeys. Before I became devotee of Lord, my band was on Top Of Rocks every time. My filthy karmi so-called legal name was Igor, and my name of band was Igor the Terrible and the Karmic Reactions Band (Wikipedia page not yet existing, although I do not know why).

But then I met devotee and started coming to temple. Very soon I realized, since I had been coming already for over one week, that I should be initiated or I would not have the chance to go back to the Godhead. So I was considering, to whose lotus feet shall I go for mercy of Lord? Then one sannyasi came to my hometown his name is Bhakti Sarvabhauma-sahasra-siddhi-shaktyavesha-sadhu-svarupa Swami. He was preaching very strongly against wearing the karmi blue jeans on the Samkirtana on Ekadasi. So I thought, “he has very great realization, plus if he was my Guru Maharaja, I would be always glorifying him and it would take so much time to say his name I would have less time for the Maya.”

But then one devotee told me that His Holiness Bhakti Mayapur Mahaprabhu Maha Mantra Maharaja never once in his life ate one filthy karmi potato chip, so then I was thinking, “he must be pure devotee,” and I fell down at his saffron slippers. When I became initiated devotee by His Holiness Bhakti Mayapur Mahaprabhu Maha Mantra Maharaja, he asked me “OK, Bhakta Igor, what are the four rules?”

I say, “Guru Maharaja, no eating, no sleeping, no defending, and none of the other thing which is not even in my vocabulary.”

“OK, very good. Now your name is Yama Niyama dasa Brahmachari. I will tell you what your name means. Yama means ‘rules and regulations,’ and Niyama means ‘more of the same.’ So, Yama Niyama dasa Brahmacari, you are now servant of Lord, go preach and be very very careful to follow rules and regulations of devotional service. Stop being filthy karmi from now on.” And everybody said ki jaya Haribol now here I am.

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  1. A cult critic has written at Patheos.com: “Finally, real religion is just that. It’s real. It’s humble. Remember the word “humility” comes from the word “humus” which means “earth”. Real religion is down to earth. It’s humble and oh yes, “Humus” is also the root for “humor”. Real religion always knows how to have a laugh. If a group or a person can’t laugh at themselves–be suspicious. If they take themselves or their movement or their spirituality with utmost seriousness–beware.”

    My sincere thanks to Yama Niyama das Brahmacari for keeping utmost seriousness in ISKCON. Please continue to smash any rascals who want to poke fun at anything we do.

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