Gay Marriage in ISKCON

Someone once asked me, “Yama Niyama Dasa Brahmachari, is there gay marriage in Krishna consciousness?”

I told him, “Oh, this is very glorious question. Maharaja Pariksit was also eager to hear about this from Sukadeva Goswami. Yes, death may come at any moment, and we are so much inquisitive about gay marriage.

“But anyway, since you are so inquisitive, yes. Krishna consciousness means Krishna is only Purusha—male—and everyone else is prakriti—female—so if you are Krishna conscious, you know that all marriage in this material world is gay marriage.”

And the person appreciated my answer so much, at my next concert he was there with two big signs: “LGBT 4 YNDB” and “YNDB IS OUR MAN.” I don’t know what my Guru Maharaja would say about that.

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