Simply the Snoopy

All right. Hare Krishna. Now is time of year when, in U.S.A., everyone has Deity in the front yard, so you can see who they are worshiping. And what are they worshiping? The inflatable snowman, the polar bear with Santa hat, and the Tipsy Penguin. Now, what this is having to do with Jesus Christ, I do not know. Maybe there is new scientific evidence that Lord Jesus was actually born in Antarctica. Or, maybe instead of the Christmas, people are celebrating anniversary of Polar Expedition. Maybe next year we will see inflatable Deity of Amundsen and Scott with the sled dog in the front yard, all with the Santa Hat.

Anyway, at one house I saw big Deity of little dog on the motor cycle, the Harley Davidson, wearing Santa hat and waving. This I did not understand at all so I knocked on door.
“Hello. I am Yama Niyama Dasa Brahmachari. What is that Deity in the yard?”

“Oh, that is the Snoopy.”

“What is the Snoopy?”

“Oh, you are not from here? He is cartoon dog. Everyone loves him.”

I said, “I know. Everyone in your country is pure devotee of Dog. But why is dog on motor cycle with Santa hat?”

“Oh, it is Christmastime! Don’t you know anything?”

So then I am racking my brain, trying to remember all the Bible story I know, and I remember Lord Jesus did turn the water into wine, and make the lame man to walk, and the blind man to see, and was bringing the dead man back to life, so I asked this person, “Oh, so there is some pastime of Jesus Christ enabling dog to ride the motorcycle?”
He said, “No. This has nothing to do with Jesus.”

“So why do you have such Deity out in yard during the Christmastime?”

Then he said, “Wherever you are from, why don’t you go back there?” then he closed the door while I was still standing there.

For me, this very much illustrates importance of having some spiritual philosophy. If you have philosophy but no religion, you are simply engaging in mental exercise. And if you have religion but no philosophy, you simply have the Snoopy.

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