**Important Message from His Grace Yama Niyama Dasa Brahmachari**

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHare Krishna. If you are visiting this site, either you are pure devotee, or you are wanting to become one. So my respects are unto your glorious glories.

As I have promised, most notably in my very much hard rocking song entitled, “Maya.com,” I am writing online blog, talking about how cats will be cats and dogs will be dogs. Yes, only time was separating. Krishna has fulfilled my desires to have my very own Web Site for preaching the Krishna consciousness to the Less Intelligent Nondevotee Rascals With Poor Fund of Knowledge, while at same time wishing to somehow serve all community of Pure Devotees by providing very much Hard Rocking Krishna Conscious music for their listening pleasure, especially as they are traveling at breakneck speed down highways of the world, bringing message of Lord Krishna to the Less Fortunate.

As you may have noticed, if you are anything like Internet Savvy, this Web Site is very much under construction. Hardly any walls or floor is there, simply roof only, and “roof” in this clever analogy is the URL, which you know already is You Are In Maya Dot Com. I have designated like this because it is very healthy reminder that while we are in material atmosphere we are all more or less in the Maya, and we should not be thinking we are well when we are sick, so we should always be taking the medication in form of sixteen attentive rounds (at very least) each day, plus bountiful quantities of Krishna Prasadam (as much as we can digest).

Every Pure Devotee must have this transcendental sound vibration in their collection.

Every Pure Devotee must have this transcendental sound vibration in their collection.

At this point I would heartily suggest that you right now purchase this new CD, which was recorded by your humble servant, “Rocking Very Hard For Krishna.” It contains nineteen (19) Very Hard Rocking tunes, including, but not limited to, Maya, Maya.com, Cent Percent in Maya, You Are In a Whole Lot of Maya, Karmi Grains, Pure Devotional Service, You Are Going To Die, and many others which are sure to soon become classics of Hard Rocking Krishna Music.

All you need to do is simply order through PayPal and I will send through U.S. mail.

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