You Are Now Most Fortunate Person In Universe

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yes. Now you are at one of very few Safe Places on Internet, which is mostly for agitating senses only.

But here at You Are In Maya Dot Com, you will never see the half-naked matajis selling useless so-called services and disinformation. We are all about Rocking Very Hard For Krishna.

Not only that but we have also written one very nice “E Book”, which is very extensive manual for How To Preach To The Less Intelligent Nondevotee Rascal With Poor Fund Of Knowledge.” And you will find out more about that later. Simply now you can be content with what you have, unless you are too much in the Mode of Passion.

Hare Krishna.

2 thoughts on “You Are Now Most Fortunate Person In Universe

  1. HARIBOL! Great work!
    I got your latest CD in ATL @ the Panihati Festival but misplaced it in my van until August. Been listening to it a lot since then, but I didn’t know what RVH4K meant until I saw a little insert that JayaGovardhana had. Fun and instructive: I LOVE IT! Thank you and keep up the good work.

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